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The ‘Seaside’ One

The typical wet British summer needn’t stop you wanting to absorb some sweet, sweet sunshine – bring some light into your life with our The ‘Seaside’ One Summer Pick ‘n’ Mix! Packed full of summer and ‘Great British Seaside’-themed sweet favourites from sherbet sand to jelly creatures of the sea and from traditional seaside rock to fizzy mocktail slices, this is the wonderful taste of summer.

What's inside?

Here’s a sample of some of the sweets we’ve recently been putting inside this mix. Tap on each sweet to view its ingredients and allergens.

The contents of this mix is not guaranteed and often varies. The selection you receive may not be representative of photography, illustration or the contents listed above. You will receive a random selection of sweets as listed on our ingredients and allergens page. From time to time, manufacturers may update their ingredients without notice. If you have an allergy or rely on a concise list of ingredients, please contact us before placing your order so we can get it right.

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